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Our Company


Cadel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. set up in 1999 was dedicated to design, develop and manufacture digital instrumentation for Electrical Energy Management and Conservation. It has number of first to its credits including the VAF or Dual Energy Meters supplying to number of OEM's.

New Horizon Electrics Pvt. Ltd. (in JV with Eltrex s.r.l Italy) set up in 1997 for marketing a range of Multi Data Meters, Multi Function Meters, Data Loggers, Portable meters etc. under the brand ELECTREX. The brand has acceptance with various consultants across India and has been used in numerous projects (>25000) in Malls, Software, Steel, Petrochemicals, Engineering Industries etc. with over 300 EMS Networks across India that include metering on WLAN,LAN, TCP/IP protocol etc.

In March 2011, the two companies have combined together. Today, the Combined entity, under the brand name ELTRAC, brings more than 50 man years of experience and can proudly claim to be "THE ONLY METERING COMPANY" that has promoters who have seen the evolution of digital metering line in India and understood the metering requirements of market.

Design and Development

Eltrac's Design and development team has diverse background in TELECOM and Energy sector, the team personnel holds patents in India and abroad in Power Conversion techniques and was a recipient of the Inventions Promotions Award from Government of India.

Marketing, Sales and Service

Eltrac's Marketing, Sales and Service team is comprises of Engineers of different background, the team personnel has been at the forefront of the Energy Management and Conservation field of Application Engineering and Marketing. The team successfully introduced and established the brand ELECTREX, now acclaimed as a pioneer for providing appropriate solutions in energy management. The team personnel have authored articles on Energy Management, Role of Electrical audits that have been featured in various technical journals, magazines and newspapers.


Optimal use of available resources in the field of electrical energy.


To provide every user, metering solutions to monitor and control electrical energy in the most cost effective manner.


First Company to Introduce in Indian Market:

  • 1998 - Multi Data meters
  • 2000 - Power and Energy Meters Series
  • 2001 - Genset Monitors
  • 2003 - Meters with RF communication
  • 2004 - Dual Energy meters
  • 2006 - LAN/WAN based monitoring across geographical spreads
  • 2007 - Meters with Harmonics Direction/Neutral Current
  • 2011 - Slimmest Meters in DC series
  • 2012 - Meters with External CT Card for Increased accuracy
  • 2013-14 - Meters with Zigbee Connectivity
  • 2014-BACNET compatible Multi Data Meter

Our Certifications

ELTRAC is certified for Quality and Manufaturing process as follows

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